How to Increase Your Home's Value, Do's and Don'ts

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Don't spend thousands of dollars!!!

I see this time and time again.  Clients call me AFTER they've spent thousands of dollars on remodeling!   Cabinets, specialty light fixtures and counter tops are just a very few items that should not be personalized to the seller's taste.  (A prospective buyer who is attracted to maple wood may be completely turned off by the kitchen depicted above.)

For example, a major kitchen remodel will yield you approximately 81% of the dollar amount spent; while on the other hand a minor kitchen remodel will yield you 88%.

If your home is in need of a little TLC, neutral paint colors, flooring and curb appeal (landscaping, power washing, etc.) are always part of the answer!  Speak with a Realtor prior to making any decisions.  Our Team can guide you through the process from beginning to end, with years of experience providing assistance above and beyond "full-service", including customized staging.

A few other mentions regarding return on yield are:

1)  Bathroom remodel - 85%

2)  Deck or lanai addition - 77%

3)  Window replacement - 69% (although many of the homes here are in need of at least window sill attention)

The goal is if any remodeling is necessary that we do it with mass appeal in mind.